We are a Software’s Company located in Miami Florida, we have a team of highly qualified professionals dedicated to the development of projects that generate immediate results to our clients. We are mainly dedicated to the creation of Web Design, E- marketing, CRM / ERP, Process Automation and Creation of Custom software



Using EMA Solutions we will help you to increase your sales. Believe us, it works!

In order to achieve favorable results within the search engines, try to make sure that the website uses an SEO strategy with the best practices, but even so can not guarantee that your page occupies the first places in the searches, since there are other factors that affect in this result as they are: Quantity and quality of the sites of the competition, segmentation of the market, keywords, etc. Therefore, we recommend that you accompany your website with a well-designed Advertising Campaign.

Most of the advertising that is seen online especially in the search engines and along the edges and footer of the website are Pay Campaigns by Clik (PPC) EMA Solutions offers you the service of creating Advertising Campaigns Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and social networks to increase the traffic of customers to your page and generate more sales or services to your business.

We structure your goals, study your competition, we study your potential customers and from there define the keywords and ads that will be published on Google to achieve a better position in the market.


  • The client defines the budget to be invested in the Campaign and this amount is paid directly to Google. The cost of the service per administration is paid to EMA Solutions monthly.  Quote your campaign.
  • We structure your goals, study your competition, study your potential customers and from there define the keywords and ads that will be published on Google to achieve a better position in the market.
  • You are sent a proposal of announcement and key words for you to review and approve and after that we activate it with the budget that you previously defined.
  • The administration of EMA Solutions includes sending statistical reports on the frequency that you request showing the results of your campaign.
  • From these analyzes of reports we are adjusting with the objective of going.
Google Adword

We structure your goals, study your competition, study your potential clients and from there we define the keywords and the ads that will be published in Google in order to achieve a better position in the market.


  • We place your website in the first places of search.
  • You choose the budget you want to invest monthly and the one you want to pay per click and you can make changes to it at the moment you decide.
  • You can be measuring the results of your advertising and make adjustments or eliminate the ad or campaign that is not working, you have control.
  • Once the Campaign is implemented and activated you can see results in minutes.
  • You have the possibility of framing your ads geographically in the area that interests you to attract clients.

Digital marketing generates results

Facebook Ads and Social Networks

Advantages of advertising on Facebook Ads?

  • It gives you the possibility to segment very closely and adjust your ads to your ideal client.
  • It allows your ads to expand more and more among your fans’ friends, which is very favorable because, as you know, a recommendation is much stronger when it comes from someone outside the company.
  • It is very economical because it only pays for the clicks obtained, so if you manage to do a proper segmentation and compose an attractive advertisement, you will be able to show your ads to people really interested in them, making an even greater profit.
  • It gives you the possibility of interacting with users, through games, raffles, contests or simple surveys with options, so you can know their interests and use them in favor of your company.
  • You will be able to measure the results obtained thanks to the detailed reports provided by Facebook, which gives you the possibility to optimize the campaign more and increase its results.

How does Facebook Ads work?

  • Well, Facebook Ads works similarly to Google AdWords. You must first run the campaign, make the ad groups, and finally create the ads. These can be text, graphics or videos and can be displayed both in the news section and right column on computers, as in the news section of mobile phones.Once the campaign has been made and published, you should optimize the same day after day for better results.

Social networks

  • We advise you to define the most appropriate social networks for your business by developing strategies that generate results.
    We manage your social networks, segment your audience by generating greater positioning and interaction with your audience, monitoring the results of each network with statistical reports month by month.

We increase your sales, we make your business grow.


  • Google Adwords

  • Advertising
    • Positioning in Google
    • Creating of Custom Announcements
    • Definition of Key Words
    • Campaign Monitoring
    • Delivery of Statistical Reports
    • Prospectus Increase
  • Facebook Ads

  • Social Networks
    • Facebook Ads campaign
    • Administration of 3 Social Networks
    • Content Strategies
    • Online Monitoring
    • Statistical Reports